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Carpet flooring provides a warm, comfortable foundation for any room in your home. Check out some of our most popular canadian carpet brands below to learn about carpet tiles and other carpet styles, features, and warranties available, and then visit our local store to find the perfect home carpet brand for your home.

Core Elements Carpet-Flooring Solutions Made Simple

It’s easy to find the right carpet for your business with Core Elements, featuring a simple shopping system with a range of colors and styles in both modular tile and broadloom options. Find out more about Core Elements Carpet.


Gibraltar™ Commercial Carpet offers a unique combination of durable performance and easy-to-maintain good looks that has made it the floorcovering of choice for high-traffic locations. Find out more about Gibraltar Carpet.


Representing real style and value, the Hearth & Home™ Carpet Collection offers a versatile selection of durable, easy-care floors in decorator colors and patterns for every lifestyle. Get details about Hearth & Home Carpet.

HomeCraft Carpet

HomeCraft™ Carpet makes it easy to satisfy your decorating desires and meet your family’s lifestyle requirements with attractive, long-lasting, and affordable flooring for any room. Learn more about HomeCraft Carpet.



Innovia Xtreme Clean Carpet

Breakthrough, eco-friendly Innovia Xtreme Clean™ Carpet is exceptionally soft, incredibly durable and resilient, and easy to maintain – you can clean most spills with plain water! Click here for more about Innovia Xtreme Clean Carpet.

innovia Touch Xtreme Clean Carpet

Next-generation Innovia Touch Xtreme Clean™ Carpet has ultra-fine fibers, so it’s luxuriously plush, stands up to foot traffic, and allows for quick and easy cleaning with plain water. Learn more about Innovia Touch Xtreme Clean Carpet.

Innovia Xtreme Clean Carpet

Carpet you’ve always dreamed about – softness taken to unbelievably new level of soft with our Innovia Touch Xtreme Clean™ Dream! Click here for more about Innovia Touch Xtreme Clean Dream Carpet.

Resista Carpet - Reples stains like water off a duck's back

Resista® Carpet is perfect for today’s active households. Accidents will happen, but this flooring repels liquids, makes maintenance easy, and has revolutionary warranty protection, so there’s no need to worry. Check out Resista Carpet.

Resista SoftStyle Carpet-Repels stains like water off of a ducks back

Resista® Soft Style Carpet adds superior softness to the exceptional strength and performance of the Resista® Collection, so you can live with true comfort and durability. Click here for more about Resista Soft Style Carpet.

Rival carpet

Rival by Resista is a combination of design and amazing resiliency that checks all the boxes of a performance carpet.  This carpet is waterproof and made from a high performance fiber. With a 10-year No Exclusions Warranty, this collection boosts the ultimate durability! Get details about Rival By Resista Carpet.


Tigressa SoftStyle Carpet - The softer, stronger carpet

Tigressá® SoftStyle is the softer, stronger carpet. It’s made with eco-friendly materials and specially engineered to be satiny smooth to the touch and exceptionally resilient. Learn More about Tigressá SoftSyle Carpet.

Tigressa Cherish Carpet

For the ultimate in comfort and strength, choose Tigressá® Cherish Carpet. No other floor can match its unique combination of luxurious softness and high-performance durability. Click here for more about Tigressá Cherish Carpet.

Tigressa H2O Carpet- Soft, strong, waterproof.

Tigressá® H2O™ Carpet is soft, strong and green – and waterproof, pet proof, and kid proof! Liquids won’t soak through, so it’s easy to clean, exceptionally durable and quickly dissipates odors. Get details about Tigressá H2O Carpet here.

 Spotlight Values carpet

Spotlight Values Carpet is a go-to collection for new homeowners and those looking to make quick updates to their home. It’s a wide-ranging selection of the best values in flooring. Find out more about Spotlight Values Carpet.  


As one of the most respected names in the carpet industry, Downs® offers incredible softness, elegant style, and superior stain protection in a great looking, long-lasting carpet. Learn more about Downs Carpet. 

Create a space that’s truly, uniquely you with Design Distinctions™ Carpet. This stunning, high-performance collection features the latest trends in color, style and texture. Learn more about Design Distinctions Carpet H2O.


A collection of unique broadloom styles emphasizing patterns, shags, and linear looks, Your Personal CUTTING EDGE™ gives you the option to create custom made area rugs from previously wall to wall broadloom offerings.  Learn more about Cutting Edge.  

Stainmaster carpet

The Stainmaster® brand is one of the most recognizable names in flooring. This revolutionary carpet has set the standard for fashionable, high-performance floors with excellent stain resistance. Get details about Stainmaster Carpet.

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